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Have you ever thought about a simple WhatsApp tool that will save your new contacts with their correct name without lifting a finger?

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Automating your WhatsApp to save contacts, reply messages, generate more income and many more is the best thing that can ever happen to you..

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My name is Tamilore Adewuyi..

I am one of the best Affiliate Marketers in Nigeria..

And I also take the credit of being one of the top whatsapp marketers in Nigeria..

I have generated nothing short of 50M in the Internet space...

But this is really not about me or my achievements..

This is me bringing you something that will make your business life and even personal life easier and faster..

Because come to think of it..

How annoying is it when you have to reply every person that sends a message like 'Send me your account details'..

I know it can be frustrating because I get tons and tons of messages like this on my whatsapp on a daily basis..

There are days and weeks I will leave a lot of messages on my whatsapp all because I am so tired to reply them..

I am also tired to keep replying the same messages over and over again...

And that was what took me on a quick journey..

I had to look for solutions..

I have also tried various bots and they are all very annoying...

Either the messages aren't personalised..

Or the replies aren't exactly for what they are supposed to do..

So while looking for the best solution to whatsapp automation..

I came across one very easy and simple to use tool..

It makes my work easier..

Give me more productive hours..

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And after discovering this tool, I decided to use and test it well before telling people about it..

Because a lot of people have been asking me how I do it, reply messages, etc..

And with that, I have been using this tool for over 3 months and it's still working so well and fine..

So that leads me to writing this page..

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